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Easy and trustful way to build your internal training, learn from TOP ready-made courses, send automatic reminders via SMS/emails, get company’s internal Wikipedia

Training and knowledge platform

Created for frontline employees

New employees will be onboarded 3 times faster, their managers will save 70% of training time because mOintellect is working instead of you

“78% of customers give up buying anything at all due to low customer service quality” – ensure great customer experience with mOintellect!

“81% of sales staff closed more deals when their knowledge of the product was increased” – ensure great product knowledge with mOintellect!

“89% of customers stop using company’s service due to low quality of customer service” – ensure great customer experience with mOintellect!

Your company will save 60% of time and 50% of money for employee training

Your additional sales with mOintellect

Employee knowledge directly influences their performance. With mOintellect employees can achieve + 10-20% better results!

How mOintellect works?

mOintellect – it’s simple and very useful to ensure great knowledge of your employees

What is mOintellect?

mOintellect is an online training and knowledge platform designed to provide employees with the necessary knowledge without interfering with their direct work, as training requires only 4 minutes per day! You can upload your information or choose from professionally prepared courses. Automatic learning reminders (via SMS or e-mail), different tests, adaptation to each employee’s individual level of knowledge, automatical repetitions, gamification, statistics in real-time mode, and much more – step into the modern training with mOintellect. A sharpened ax cuts better!

1. Preparation

It’s very fast and easy to start to use mOintellect – you can simply create your training or choose from the ready-made training from TOP local professionals. Then it’s time to register employees, assing necessery trainings according to job titles and it’s done – mOintellect will do the rest instead of you. Our main focus – employees will understand and memorize the information they need to know in shortest possible time due to personalized repetitions.

2. Learning - only 4 minutes a day

Reminders (SMS/emails), leaderboards in real-time mode, personalized repetitions, company’s knowledge level in numbers. Employees are learning at their pace, at a time convenient for them, through a mobile phone or a computer. Super easy to start and to use, no need to download anything.

3. Repetitions

After 1 month we will forget more than 70% of what we have learned today! To keep information in a long-term memory repetitions with specific time intervals must be done – with mOintellect repetitions become automated!

4. Measurable results

On average, employees know only 65-80% of what they need to know. The average level of knowledge with mOintellect is 95% and more! Employees achieve better results at work due to better knowledge.

5. New knowledge

Let the employees to study on the go, let the employees to acquire and to use new knowledge instantly, see the knowledge level and efforts of your employees in numbers.

+ Your company's internal Wikipedia

To find all your company’s information and files quickly and easily via desktop and mobile!

Ready-made courses by TOP professionals

All courses can be tailored specifically for your company, with examples in your market, filming in your store, etc.

The courses by Darius Cibonis

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“To get customers back”

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Conflict management

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Customers about us

Used daily by thousands of professionals, leaders in their fields

“More than amazing! Information is provided concisely and conveniently, very easy to use the platfrom. I am already using the knowledge I gained, definitely will help me to achieve better results. A big thank you :)"

“I really enjoyed training with mOintellect - I got answers to all my doubts and questions. The perfectly chosen method of training - microlearning. Thank you!"

“The courses are really interesting and useful. It is very good that the lessons last only a few minutes, during which the essential things are said that you really learn, repeat and remember. Thank you!"

“Thank you for implementing this wonderful idea. The material being listened to is very easy to absorb, and the tests confirm the information obtained. "

Perfectly suitable for:

To onboard new employees faster and better

To increase customer service level

To increase sales

To increase the customer return rate

To decrease the number of failures

To increase employees motivation

To decrease employees change rate

To understand the company’s knowledge level

Improve your employees’ results with mOintellect training and knowledge platform